“The My Squeeze Food Pouch is an excellent product! We purchased two of the pink version. The squeeze pouch is easy to use for young children. My 3 year old is easily able to twist the top off the pouch and then squeeze out the contents. She is very fussy and is very excited when she sees the pouch. It is easy to clean and an all round amazing product! Brittney M

“So glad I purchased these, they’re awesome! I’ve had to throw out a bunch of another brand made out of plastic into the recycling bin because they were sooo hard to clean & some grew mould in the crevice. Wish I’d discovered My Squeeze earlier!” Sarah

“These are amazing! I can put pureed fruit or yoghurt in these on the go. They can even be heated and frozen, which makes it great for baby food, and even pre preparing food and freezing for later. It;’s great that there reusable so really cost effective and the best thing is there so easy to clean. I’ve had others in the past that have been hard to clean, but these are so easy, no hassle at all, so I use them all the time.” Tracey H