My Squeeze Testimonials.

What our customers have to say:


I have been using the My Squeeze for 12 months now and I love how it has grown with my family.  12 months ago, my then toddler, was able to use this at the park, independently I might add, and enjoy the fruit combinations that I had made. Now that he’s off to kindy I can put that same My Squeeze in his lunch box with frozen yoghurt, perfect for keeping his lunchbox cold and I know exactly what’s in it.  Cost Effective and healthy and really easy to clean!  Now with my baby girl starting solids I use the My Squeeze knowing that I can confidently store and travel with the food that I prepared for her and that this product will last well into her school years.  Love It!

Melisa – Kids aged 5, 4 and 5 Months


I recently bought two of these from Love my Lunchbox & they are awesome! My son is lactose intolerant but has always wanted the squeeze yoghurt pouches from the supermarket – sadly they don’t come in lactose free & he refuses to take a tub of yoghurt & spoon to school because everyone has the squeeze ones! I tried other brands of reusable pouches but they didn’t cut it, they were either too fiddly to fill or their appearance was overly babyish – The My Squeeze pouches mean my son will now take yoghurt to school! I just fill with his lactose free yoghurt, they are so easy to fill & even easier to clean & dry, they really are brilliant!



My fussy little men love the novelty of the My Squeeze.  We decide what we will use it for and they help me fill it.  Yoghurt for school and slushies on weekends are the favs.

Prue – Boys aged 2.5 and 4



What our Stockist have to say:


“We use My Squeeze at Chatterbugs for some children with feeding difficulties. Although it is not generally suitable to assist oral motor skill development, it is a potentially useful tool for children with sensory related feeding difficulties. We have found it particularly useful in enabling some of our children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder to engage with eating less processed foods by enabling parents to prepare foods at home whilst maintaining consistent “packaging”. We also find them useful for food play in our therapy groups. The big advantage we have found for the My Squeeze compared to other reusable food pouch options we have tried is the ease of cleaning and durability.”

Rachel Tosh
Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist


I have wanted to bring you a food pouch for a long time but so far have found faults with all the food pouches my clients, readers and friends have tested.  This one everyone who has tested it to date has liked it so I am happy to endorse it.

Tizzie Hall, Save Our Sleep


Single use yoghurt pouches are extremely popular in the school lunchbox these days but their convenience takes a heavy toll on our environment. If the average child takes a yoghurt pouch to school each day that’s around 200 plastic pouches a year. Now multiply that by a couple of hundred other children and a single school alone will experience thousands of pieces of this plastic pollution each year.

This huge amount of waste can be substantially reduced by using the My Squeeze. Not only does one My Squeeze replace hundreds of single use yoghurt pouches each year but it is also a much healthier option. Made from food grade silicon, it’s free from harmful BPA and Phthalates often found in other plastics. At Minime Organics we are always striving to find safe, non toxic products that are better for the environment and the My Squeeze ticks all our boxes!

Fiona Baker – Minime Organics